WHAT: October 12th PWMC Meeting for members and guests. Meeting runs from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with virtual and in-person options. Lunch is provided if meeting in-person. All CDC guidelines mandated by the State of Illinois and the venue will be followed.

TOPIC: Labyrinth Made Goods

WHERE: Zoom or Eastland Suites Hotel & Conference Center, 1801 Eastland Dr., Bloomington, IL

HOW: Registration is required. Please choose ZOOM or In-Person Registration below.

COST: Free for PWMC members. First-time guests are free and a $25 fee is assessed for subsequent meetings. Guests will be sent invoices via email after each meeting attended. Interesting in becoming a PWMC member? View our website for additional information.

SPEAKER: Kate Brunk, YWCA McLean County

Kate Brunk is the director of Labyrinth Made Goods at YWCA McLean County. She and her team have built the Labyrinth Made Goods business, the professional development program, and the apprenticeship program from the ground up with a philosophy rooted in their mission to create opportunities that empower women who have experienced incarceration.

An abolitionist and community and economic development professional, Kate is passionate about rebuilding our society and systems to be equitable for all. Growing up in a lower-income, working-class family and rural community, Kate’s access to a college degree was never guaranteed. But through the privileges she had, her hard work, and the support from government programs and those around her, she was able to graduate with honors, travel around the world, and complete her master’s degree. These first-hand experiences showed her how powerful and transformational it can be for individuals and communities when we provide support and empowerment to those who are often undervalued and disregarded in our communities.

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