Join Kristin Gentry, blogger, business owner, comedian’s ball ‘n chain, for laughs and tips on incorporating more laughter and levity into your life. Kristin is the owner/creator of Boulder and Pebble, a self-enrichment/self-care lifestyle business and blog,

This meeting starts at 11:30 a.m. and is our ninth virtual workshop and meeting on Zoom. This is an interactive meeting with time for Q&A. You must register by March 8 at 11:30 a.m. to attend. Up to 100 members and guests may attend this event.

This meeting is free for PWMC members. First-time guests are free and a $25 fee is assessed for subsequent meetings. Invoices will be sent via email. You may become a member by visiting our website,

Kristin’s work experience is varied with an emphasis in the social service and management fields. She has worked with the developmentally disabled, the elderly, children, and those battling housing and financial insecurity. She also plans retreats for women (and other groups) with an emphasis on emotional wellness and empowerment, as well as leisure. Kristin has worked at a comedy club for nearly 6 years, having met countless well-known funny folk, learning the ins and outs of comedy up close and personal. She is currently pursuing life coach certification and working on new facets of the Boulder and Pebble brand- including Wella Wear, a clothing line that helps support mental health services for the underserved, and a jewelry line to provide self-care tools for those facing chronic illness.