Know Your Worth

You’ve probably heard that men are paid more than women are paid over their lifetimes. But what does that mean? Are women paid less because they choose lower-paying jobs? Is it because more women work part time than men do? Or is it because women have more caregiving responsibilities? And what, exactly, does gender bias have to do with paychecks?

The pay gap is one of the most pressing issues for women today.

Join Professional Women of McLean County and the YWCA of McLean County as we openly discuss the complex and often misunderstood gender pay gap. Each of the panelists will speak to their own expertise including the various movements surrounding equal pay, society’s understanding of the topic, the advocacy taking place right now and the different days of recognition.

Join PWMC on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 for this important discussion. Register on our website so that we can ensure adequate food and seating: