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Kelly Mathy is a fourth-grade teacher in District 87. She has been teaching at Washington School since 1999. She earned her B.A in Education from Illinois State University and her M.S. Ed. in Differentiated Education from Concordia.
Kelly is also the owner of The Decorator’s Grocery in Bloomington.

Jenn Bovee is owner and director of The Mental Wellness Center, Inc., Bloomington.
Jenn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has spent her career working with women in addiction, child welfare, trauma and mental health. She has made it her life goal to deeply understand how the subconscious mind works and to be able to empower women to be able to meet the goals they set for themselves by teaching them how to reprogram and take control of their conscious and subconscious minds.
She is the author of “How to Learn to Love Yourself” and started The Mental Wellness Center in 2017. Jenn earned her master’s degree in social work from Saint Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa and graduated with honors.

This meeting is being sponsored by Fort Jesse Imaging & Gale Keeran Center thanks to our PWMC Member Melissa Marx.