Our Mission

Professional Women of McLean County (PWMC) promotes the advancement of professional women in McLean County. We are organized and operated to:

  1. Promote and support the development and advancement of women in business, public service and academia through information exchanges, educational programming and projects.
  2. Encourage civic collaboration in the recognition of community advocates for the professional growth and health of women.
  3. Act as a benefactor for women in their professional development and in support of individual efforts towards the advancement of women.

PWMC is driven by its members directing the organization to better serve their needs as aspiring or well-established professionals.


Shape the future of business women in McLean County through opportunities for career and personal development; fostering valuable connections and relationships; and facilitating member success through business and career growth. We envision a world in which all women, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential.


The values of PWMC form the building block for all our actions. Naming our values better guides PWMC and helps members and future members realize value through our membership.

  • Build Leaders

    • As a diverse group of women, PWMC desires to build leaders of the members in our group within their business and professional lives and in the community.
  • Foster Connections

      • Building and maintaining long term relationships is an ongoing process. PWMC asks members to invest in themselves and one another with purposeful connections and relationship building.
  • Act with Integrity

      • PWMC Members are expected to act in an honest and fair manner, representing both themselves, their organization and PWMC professionally.
  • Relevant
      • Ensure that interactions, programs, meetings and networking opportunities bring value to PWMC members by presenting best practices, timely information, new leadership models and quality experiences and informational exchanges.

  • Make an Impact

      • As an organization, act in a way that will benefit our community and women in our local workforce both now and in the future.
  • Lead through Mentorship

    • PWMC is a professional, growth-oriented environment encouraging structured and informal mentorship for its members.

Code of Conduct

All PWMC members and directors will:

  • Act in accordance with our values.
  • Interact in an honest, fair manner and always respectful of others
  • Represent PWMC positively, professionally and admirably among members, guests and the external community.
  • Only promote or sell their business interests at meetings as allowed during introductions.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner. We value open discussion, exchange of divergent views, strategies and approaches with the goal of working as a team and building consensus and unity in our organization.

Board of Director Responsibilities

As agents of Professional Women of McLean County, Directors shall conduct themselves ethically and responsibly on behalf of the organization and its members. Working in conjunction with one another, the directors shall function as a team and utilize consensus-building approaches in leading and directing the organization as determined by the members and in accordance with the by-laws.